Exercises that you can perform at your home

Leaving you with no excuses of not finding the right type of exercises that you can do at home, here is a list of the appropriate home fitness-based program exercises for you-

  • These exercises can be performed by using easy drills at home and employing minimal equipment that you can get from around your house.
  • For the upper body you can do chair dips, lateral raises, push-ups, chin-ups and bent over row. For core exercises, you can do deadlift, sit-ups and Side Bridge.
  • For the lower body you can opt for step-ups, wall squat, bucket squats, and lunges.

Prior to starting these exercises you must warm up yourself for a minimum of five minutes by jogging or a brisk walk around the block or by skipping on the spot. You must perform multiple sets of exercises mentioned above depending upon your endurance level and requirement.

Also, taking intervals in between is equally essential. You can combine two exercises that use diverse muscle groups alternating between two things that provide each muscle group some rest while you perform another.

To get the best results, perform these workouts at least thrice a week, with no less than a day between exercises for sufficient recovery. You must always strive to increase the intensity or load and to increase your fitness growth. Once your fitness improves, you can undergo this routine without bothering much and start with a more superior program.

Use your creativity and find more things to use for working out at home. Using buckets, filled with the amount of water you want can be employed for squats and step-ups. Filling up milk bottles with 2-liter water makes it equivalent to a 2 kg weight to be used for overhead triceps extension, bicep curls, and bent over rows. Shopping bags and a backpack filled with items can be used for lunges, step-ups, and squats. Utilizing bricks by breaking them in half in case of lower weight is appropriate for pushups, bench press, lateral raises and front raise.

Then comes the age-old forms of exercises that come under the practice of yoga asana. A lot of people not just perform these exercises for the sole aim of relieving mental stress but to get and stay fit as well. If you look at the fitness regimens of every famous celebrity today including the big names like Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, it is yoga that has worked wonders on their body to get the envious figure every girl wants.

Not only women, even men have also started incorporating this form of fitness to build up muscles using their own body weight. This is the most natural way of dealing with your body and respecting it as well.

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