exercises to be done at home

A major change has been observed in the tendency of workout freaks, which is changing their exercise locale from gyms to home. Reason being, the soaring membership prices and binding contracts. As a result, they have started to opt for home fitness programs. Finding exercises to be done at home is not a complex job, rather a much more convenient option as discussed in the previous chapters.

There are many great cardio exercises that can be done without much cost to the users. The main money spent is in a good pair of walking, jogging or aerobic shoe, depending on the kind of activity desired.

Besides, a jumping rope is also a great addition for skipping at home because it provides users added alternatives of aerobic workouts that can include rapid work interval training. One can do it while watching TV or may be by playing music alongside. One should jump for a duration of thirty seconds to a minute as fast as possible and rest in between for sometime before starting again. You can always perform it during ad commercials and watch the rest of your show calming your body.

Today, video and DVD market is flooded with exercise, aerobics and yoga CDs and DVDs which can be purchased for a favorable fitness exercise regime to start at home. This gives more alternatives to people in case jogging or walking becomes mundane or if the weather does not allow you to go outside and run.

Running and walking can actually become all the more interesting if done with a partner, provided no chit-chat and gossip hours begin and win over your fitness schedule. Varying the ground of the running or walking area can also add change to the daily workout process. Remember, it is very essential that you enjoy what you do to keep yourself fit if you actually want to feel the change in your health and body.

Besides, age does matter while selecting the kind of workout that you do. An adult person may be capable of losing weight using particular equipments and build muscles as well, but an elderly may not just get the same results from the same regimen. It is simply because of the quality of performance and not the utilization the expensive and similar machines.

Thus, it’s advisable that you always choose a kind of fitness regimen that goes well with your body, age and needs keeping the various health constraints that age brings along.

Section 2: Fitness benefits through treadmill

Section 4: Choosing the right home fitness program


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